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Default Re: Raggie bow troubles

MRS Fish- I know that this thread wasn't about korkers but since we are talking about it, I will jump right in... With my korkers, it isn't getting them situated to look right, my problem is the prep work for it. I have been diagnosed with OCD and I have to say... Korkers are the absolute WORST TYPE of bow to make for someone with OCD! After I bake and spray the korker ribbon, I have to cut my ribbon EXACTLY 4" inches long... or whatever length I'm making the korker. Then I heat seal each end with a lighter. It takes me forever. I know they are super easy but there has to be a better way with the prep! I have heard about people cutting ribbon with a wood burner tool but my wood burner doesn't cut... it is a cheapy one that just has a rounded tip- it does a great job with sealing the ends though! Do most people cute and seal the ends all in one swoop with a wood burning/cutting tool?
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