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Default Sewing Korkers

I know that has been asked many of times, but I just can't get them right. I've made a few korkers, all with sewing method, and only my very first has turned out cute. This is what I do: I get a long needle and I start putting each korker on the needle by going thru the middle of the korker with the curl side down. When I have them all stacked on there I pull the needle thru and grab my gator bite and put it in there so I can sew thru again. Once I've sewn 3 to 4 times, I tie off. My issue with them is that 1- I can see in the middle where I sew it & 2- it looks kind of lop sided, like the ribbon is longer on one side than the other. KWIM?

What am I doing wrong? Is the middle showing because I hold it down with the gator bite? Am I supposed to put the korker with the curl side up?

I have to make some shortly with school colors before school starts for a fundraiser. Any help would be appreciated!

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