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Default Re: lining alligator clips

Originally Posted by sweetgirlythings View Post
Hi. I need help...I need to fully line a whole lot of double prongs this weekend but dont want to spend my entire weekend doing them. (my hubby and son want to do fun actvities) I take a hour to line 20 clips or so. I dont know if this is slow or fast but Ive heard people say they can line 15 clips in 10 minutes? Is this possible? maybe I pay attention too much to detail, but Id like to know how others line their clips.
I use the fillet tape now & can easily do 15 clips in 10 min. For years I used to hate lining clips because it took so long but now it's actually something I like to do. My "process" is to cut a ton of 4.5 inch pieces, heat seal the ends then put the pieces on the tape one right after another until I get sick of doing it. Then I cut the pieces apart.

What's great about this is that I can take a baggie of taped pieces & alligator clips *anywhere* & work on lining clips - McDonald's play area, carpool line, sitting out back watching the kids play, on the couch watching TV. Since there's no hot glue or even scissors needed it's a "kid friendly", take anywhere project. And once I have all the pieces cut & heat sealed & on the tape I could easily do 3 a minute so probably 30 in 10 min.

Oh and I wanted to add that you can buy this specialty/fillet tape from people on here but it's not something you'll find at a craft store - the red kind you can find at HL or Michael's doesn't stick nearly as good - I tried it first. And even being *super* careful with hot glue my clips never looked as nice, neat & "professional" as they do with this tape.

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