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Default Re: need idea for adult hair clips

Originally Posted by Sabine_in_MG View Post
hm.... odd question: what KIND of adult? LOL .... a "normal" one, or a "punky" one? Becauuuusee..... I know a bunch'a folks who wouldn't wear a bow, but if you had something with - say - Nightmare before Christmas in black, grey, white, (red) - then they would Or maybe that's just me....
Does the adult have a hobby you know of? Favorite color or character? Favorite band or style of tunes? Instrument? Profession?
ha! ha! no she doesn't want a bow. She didn't tell me what she really wanted at first she saw something with a flower and some with beads on a french clip or something like it and she has seen a lot of the things I have made she asked since I didn't know what she was talking about at first that is way I posted here to see if anyone has heard of something similar. My friend is very nice and stylish person she is a teacher not into any nightmare stuff. She had asked me a week ago and soon is her birthday and I thought It may be a cute addition to the birthday gift I have for her.
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