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Default Re: Raggie bow troubles

Angelbabyz - with your korkers... don't give up on them
I find that to make mine look great, I found a small box (From memory it was about 5cm wide, 10cm long and about 5cm high after I cut it to the size that I wanted).
Cut two slits about halfway along the long side of the box, (on opposite sides, so there's a slot going right through. Lay your thread, or hat elastic, or whatever you use to secure your korker through the slot and out the sides. Pop in about 20-26 pieces of korkered ribbon (I use around 8cm lengths), and then when they're all in and looking comfy, lift the two ends of your thread up, and knot it down over the top of your pile of korkers. You can lift it out at this point, and tie a few more knots to make it more secure.
Super easy, and they always turn out perfect. I find with the korkers, more is more though, so don't be too scungy with your ribbon. More lengths make them puff up better
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