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Default how to attach flowers on tutu

Hi ladies! So I just finished a tutu for a little girls birthday tomorrow. I wanted to add a big bow with a flower in the middle. My question is, should I make the bow, glue (with e600?) the flower in the middle them sew or glue the bow to the tutu? Also do I sew/glue to the tulle right? Not the elastic?
How about if I wanted to make little little bows around the waist of the tutu? sew the bows to the tulle or the elastic or E600 them to the tulle ? I think my tutu came out quite cute and I'm really excited I don't want to screw it all up at the end. When I'm done I will take a pic and post it.

also for future tutus, what if I want to add little flowers around the actually tutu tulle sew or glue?
Thanks for any help
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