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Originally Posted by ebd1550 View Post
Anyone care to share what you use to make the really thin ones? I've tried Michelles directions - could not get them to stay bent. I also tried Sara's idea w/ the caterpillar - still no luck - I kept burning the ribbon. I ended up using some 1/8 and wetting it w/ fray check and curling it w/ a clip - it turned out ok but I really like the look of the thin wispy ones like the oh so talented Karyn of Little Pink Ladybug.

ah, I just saw this. (and thank you ) I use some type of thick thread (thin cord?) It was in the beading and jewelry area of a high end craft store. I honestly have no idea what it is, no label or anything on it. So I bought the whole roll. but if you pm me your address I will send you a sample of it, (maybe you can identify?) Or I could pick some up for you at the craft store. I think it was @ $7.00 for the roll plus shipping.
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