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Default Re: back of asecinc felts

If you want to back them with felt you could go with two or three basic colors.. black, white, pink.. just to keep in stock there for use. Then just put them on the back and cut around your edges.
you could also get felt circles, ovals or shapes to put on the back of these.
stitching is okay. when you use acrylic felt it won't seem like it's sticking with hot glue but it does work.
if you don't like the bulk you could go with a lighter synthetic/wool felt. they are really light, easy to sew/glue, and look really nice.
and another thing is product tags. You can get iron on tags with your co name, etc on them. if you get a certain size it may cover lots of the ends for you, although you may want to go with the felt back since there are lots of details and little strings i guess
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