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I use only stiffy stuff, I have tried startch etc...but like to stiffness of stiffy and it lasts forever on the bow.

If I don't use the whole bottle at one spraying, I take to spray cap off and put it in a cup of HOT water and push the sprayer to get all the stiffy stuff out and it won't clog. IF it does get clogged...put the spray head on a cup of super hot water, let it set for 10 or so minutes...clean the little spray hole with your nail and get more hot water in cup and spray the super hot water thru it. I always keep my old spray heads just in case I can't get one unclogged, I have a back up.

I usually spray 100's of bows at a time and most times use the entire bottle. but still will clean the head and keep it. HTH

It is pricey but if I don't use my Michaels coupons on anything else I stock up on it with the 40% off coupon
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