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Default Re: trouble with organza...

Originally Posted by brezzamagoo View Post
Hey ladies,

I know there are quite afew threads around about the peony style flowers. Well today I bought some organza to give them a go. Just been mucking around a bit and I seem to have trouble between JUST singeing the ends and then it curling up too much and melting into holes.

My candle seems to tempremental as I can hold the organza the same all the way around and it just does its down thing.

I've quite a few tuts about doing this and they are all basically the same.

Just wondering if anyone could give me some pointers or something. I know a few of the ladies on here make the flowers.

Thanks in advance
Nylon organza is great for pettiskirts, but not so good for the organza flowers. I *can* get it to work, but it is more.... shabby looking. Polyester organza is a bit more stiff and behaves more predictably when heated over a jar candle or small candle in a holder. Use the indirect heat from the flame that is contained in the jar near the flame, but don't get too close =).

Does that help at all?
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