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Default Re: Rounded Petal Ribbon flower tutorial

Originally Posted by devilicious View Post
Maybe you should update your original post saying you might not be on immediately or something due to the fact that it is months old. These people have no idea when the original thread was posted and are just seeing something they are interested in. You shouldn't get testy at them for wanting something you offered and are willing to pay you good money for! Every $3 (or whatever it is) adds up! Sorry...I just had to say that. I know I would be grateful if someone wanted something I was selling.

yes, i am greatful. people DO know when the original post was posted...if they want to see a pic of what they would be purchasing than they would have to go to the very first page..which has the date. I have gotten numerous PMs and numerous emails all wondering where the heck their tutorial is...after they paid like 6 hours ago!
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