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I think it could be a good project for her. You can get tuts, lots free, on here and/or google it. The loop knot will probably be easiest for her. You can get tulle at just about any craft store like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and even Walmart...although, I haven't seen black or hot pink there. The amount is hard to determine because it depends on how much you cram onto the elastic....just as a number, I would say 100 yards. The 25 yard rolls of 6" would be easiest instead of bolt tulle. For the elastic, you will need to measure her and then cut the elastic 2-3 inches shorter (it stretches as you make the tutu). To spice it up, you can add ribbon, knot extra pieces at the end, knot the ends, lots of different things - you will see tons of styles as you search. Since she hasn't done one before, it would probably take a few hours to get everything ready (cutting and so on) and get the tutu made. I am not an expert, but HTH! Good luck!!
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