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Default Re: HH has colored Zebra flowers now...

Originally Posted by babybasics View Post
I actually ordered these from them last week and got my shipment yesterday. Everything I'd ordered was in my shipment. I got 6dz+ of each of the flowers. If you watch their site enough and catch it when things are updated, you will be able to get the colors you are looking for. I guess I've just been lucky with them so far? LOL But I'm sure it's people like me who are ordering lots of each that wipe out their stock so fast? Sorry. \
Yes you are lucky. I really hope you dont have any problems with them either. I had been ordering from them for the past few years. Never had a problem until this year. I just come to the conclusion I would rather pay more for the items and know that I am going to get it. Then pay less for them and not recieve what I need and then they hold my money and I can't order from someone else because they have my money and will not refund it for months. I don't know how a lot of you ladys are but my hubby works 60 hours a week and I stay home with my kids. The money I use to by my supplies comes from the money I make. But it's not only the fact that this happens but to add to that, the customer service is gone.
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