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Default Re: burned singed flower

Originally Posted by snugbud View Post
I saw a tutorial that used a heat embossing gun for scrapbooking. Took a bit to get it going, but it curled the same as using a candle.
Thanks for that tip!! I am going to try my embossing gun today. I use long lighters to singe mine. I tried jar candles and tea lights; they don't work for me. I can control where it curls with the lighters.

If i leave it on the white or light pink a little too long they turn brownish. I leave it that way until I sew the flower together, then if it shows I cut it off and lightly singe where it was. You can't tell it was ever there. I singe on all my flowers after they are sewn together; sometimes there are flat areas or petals need a little more curl.
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