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Default Re: Bow Bouquet Help (ideas!)

My daughter receives speech therapy for ECI, they are great. Her speech is getting better, she is starting to say more words but just not as clear. I like the fact that they are able to come to the home at a time that is good for the parent. My daughter just had a session this morning.

The Bouquet, I made one for my niece for Christmas. I'll post a pic. I think I had 8 or 10 bows on there, I'm not sure but it turned out great. I didn't have no specific theme. I used all french clips, but she does have a lot of hair. Personally I would put clippies and small bows on alligator clips and bigger bows on french. I like the ideas you have. That is so nice of you to do something like this for them, they deserve it. I hope they raise a lot of money.

Here goes my bouquet:
Bow baquet.jpg