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Default Bow Bouquet Help (ideas!)

Okay, crafty mommas....

I am making exactly 1 bow bouquet for a Silent Raffle that benefit ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). ECI goes into people's homes to do different types of therapy with kids. It can be physical therapy to help them walk. It can be speech therapy. It can be dietary consulting. The lists goes on... I just think it's a marvelous organization! My son did physical therapy and they came out in the evenings, after work, and worked with my son in our house. I appreciate them for that.

So, back to the task at hand. I am making exactly 1 bow bouquet. I want it to be "A Year of Bows". So...I'm wanting an ecclectic mix of bows that reflect a whole year. Any wonderful ideas?

Question: Since I have no idea who is buying this, I don't know if I should do alligator or french. I have no idea if I should do pigtail sets, pony o's, or single bows. How should i organize this? I really want this organization to make a decent amount of money!

My ideas so far:

Birthday bow
Christmas (need to haul out *that* ribbon since i packed it away!)
Valentines Day
July 4th/Patriotic
Football season- maybe local team colors?
Spring korkers? Pigtail set?

Should I put a headband in? Maybe 2 headbands? I don't know!

Also, I want the colors to be beautiful together. I'm a bit concerned of how wild a year's worth of bows would look. You know?
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