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Default Re: hot fix transfer paper

Originally Posted by Judy74 View Post
How cool! I see myself getting into trouble here. I need another craft like I need another set of twins.
right?? that is why i am debating on ordering it or not!

Originally Posted by cynthia View Post
You would need the Mylar Paper. Got mine from HotFix Queen - SWAROVSKI HOT FIX RHINESTONES ~ Lowest Price on the net with FREE SHIPPING .

In dots? As in, it's a design, right? You don't need a program for it. You just print it out, place the Mylar Paper with the Sticky side up on top of the designs and start placing the crystals by following the dots.
thanks--so it is the mylar paper--i will check hotfix queen! thanks again cynthia! oh one more thing--do you just use a pair of twizzers to place them on the paper?
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