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Default Re: What scent do you use and who is it by?

I've battled with a "baked" smell after they bake at times. I turned down my oven temp and even cleaned it, but it still has a smell. I buy ribbon from many places, so I am not sure what the deal is. My thinking is, that it shouldn't smell at all?

I've read that some of the gals here ( and another place) use a touch of scented spray on their korker hair bows just to give it a fresh smell, but not because they stink, because their customers like it. I want to try that.

I'm going to check and see if Febreeze has newer scents, I haven't ever liked Febreeze for some reason. lol

Originally Posted by sassypantz View Post
I just use starch, it has a fresh clean scent. Although that is not the reason that I use it. Never heard of scented korkers before.
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