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Simple Instructions for Pendant/Magnet MakingRemember, if you're working with images printed on an inkjet printer you'll want to use MicroGlaze to prevent the images from running. Apply a very thin coat of MicroGlaze with your finger over both sides of your printed image and let it dry for about 20 minutes. Then proceed with the instructions below.Hereís what youíll need:

Glass Pieces (the actual pendant)Diamond Glaze or 3D Crystal Lacquer (clear layer between glass and image) I use ET lite.....E-6000 (holds the bail or magnet on back of the glass)Decorative Paper or your own images (use our chiyogami paper or your own)Bail or Magnet (bail for chain or necklace/magnet for fridge)Scissors (save time with our paper punch)Grab a nail file, it will be handy! (we like the foam block style)PencilLet's get started:

Youíll be working with glue so be sure to work on a paper towel or piece of cardboard so that you donít make a mess.This is going to be much easier than you ever imagined and so much fun!!!

1) First, lay a glass piece down on your work surface with the flat textured side up.
2) Select a piece of decorative paper or printed image to use.
3) Place the paper over the glass so that the undecorated (textured) side is facing up.
4) Now, pick up the glass and the paper and hold them up to a light so that you can see the glass through the paper. You should be able to see the designs on the paper, adjust the paper so that the design on the paper is where you want it to be.
***If using one of our paper punches skip the next 2 steps***
***You can easily see the image and position through the bottom of the punch***

5) Use a pencil and carefully trace the shape of the glass.
6) Now use your scissors to cut out the pattern that you drew, cut to the outside of your line, youíll want your cut out to be slightly larger.
7) Now, open your Glaze or Lacquer. If this is the first time that youíve used it youíll need to cut off the tip (just the tip, no more than a few millimeters).
8) Turn your Glaze or Lacquer container upside down so that the nozzle is down over the glass. Donít squirt any out just yet, give the air inside the container time to rise Ė this will decrease the chance of you getting bubbles. Youíre not going to be applying a thick coat of glaze in this step, just a thin layer.
9) Next, slowly squeeze the container so that the Glaze starts coming out. Try to keep from getting bubbles. If you do get bubbles just use the tip of the container to pop them, or, drag them around until they pop. You can even pop them with toothbrush bristles or a paint brush.
10) Apply a thin even layer. In this step I usually apply a little glaze and then use the tip of the container to spread it around evenly, applying more glaze as necessary.
11) Now, go ahead and place your paper onto the glass so that the decorated side is down (in the glaze). Gently adjust the paper so that itís centered. Donít press down on the paper with your finger, as this will make a mess. If the paper that you cut is too big, donít worry, thatís what the nail file will be used for. Let this set for about 30 min.
12) Once dry, use the nail file and gently scrape off the excess paper around the edges so that it fits your glass.
13) Go ahead and apply more glaze over the back side of the paper and seal the paper to the glass. Be careful when you get to the edges and try not to let the glaze run over the edge, but do try to get your glaze all the way over the edge of the paper so that it seals the paper completely. Once you have a nice layer over the back of the paper let it dry for about 30 minutes.Once dry, if you accidentally got some glaze on the sides, you can "carefully" use the side of a razor blaze to remove the excess glaze from the glass.
14) Now you can add your bail or magnet, you can use E6000 as the adhesive for attaching bail. Just put a bit of E6000 down and then place your magnet or bail down where you want it.

Allow this to dry over night and thatís it!!!
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