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Default Re: I feel so defeated......

Originally Posted by brynneybelle View Post
I use Mod Podge and ET lite, and I've never had a problem with them lifting. I do not put Mod Podge on top. I've never tried it......I know it says it dries clear, but it just seems wrong to me, to brush white stuff over the top of the image! lol Silly, I know. I try to glue my images down at least several hours before pouring the resin, so I know that the glue is really set. Then, with the ET lite, I do go over the edges, at least a bit. I make sure it has completely covered the edge of the image and the around the top edge of the cap, so I know that you couldn't get a finger nail between the image and the cap---it's all sealed. Sometimes the resin does run down the edges of the cap, but I just clean it up as best as I can. Sometimes I get thin drops of resin hanging off the bottom edge of the cap after it's all dry, but I just take my finger nail and rip it off. It's thin and flexible and comes right off----and, I know the image isn't going anywhere!
So you do not seal your image and they are okay? I had just read on here that you needed to seal the image before you put the ET on top. I hated putting the Mod Podge over the top of my image too. It made it less vibrant and of course left the paint brush strokes from applying it. Will give this another try.
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