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Default Re: I feel so defeated......

Originally Posted by erinaj27 View Post
Those of you who use the Mod Podge and put it over your image as well...does it not turn your pictures colors? I did one last night that had some white in the picture and when I covered it with Mod Podge the white turned kind of pink. Also, when I put the Mod Podge over the image it kind of dulls the image. At first I thought it was because I was printing them from my HP printer at home, but I even sent them to Wal-Mart and it still does it. I think I have a matte finish Mod Podge so did I get the wrong thing? Thanks in advance!
I use my HP printer, too. I use matte photo paper and I've found that when I print, I just use the regular print setting, using the setting for photo paper makes a messy image, too much ink. Using the normal setting is fine by me, saves ink!

I use Plaid's Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre - just because I already had it, came in some kit I bought.

I love love the ease of the stick on resins...however they do not hide the mod podge brush strokes, where as the et-lite will.

I'd like to know how to minimize or eliminate those brush strokes, seems like no matter what I use, I end up with those.

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