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Thumbs down Re: HH has colored Zebra flowers now...

Originally Posted by momof5 View Post
Dumb question, I know, but what or who is HH?
Originally Posted by brookshomemadegoods View Post
halo heaven
But BEAWARE you may not recieve but part of what you order because they are bad about showing things in stock that are not. That's just 1/2 the problem though. Usually what you DO recieve is not what you really needed just added it to help spread the shipping cost out, and the paper with your order on it will say refund on everything that they didn't send but then it takes FOREVER to get that money back. I loved the old HH before they got to big for there pants. Now its anxiety from the time you click pay all the way down to not getting any replys on emails to forever later getting the refund. SO if you want a headache they will be glad to give you one!!!
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