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Default Re: Picture of my Light box

Originally Posted by dnekolny View Post
Wow! That is an amazing difference! I was wondering how everyone got their pictures so clear, bright and crisp! Thanks for sharing this!

By the way, your clippies are amazing, as is the bow holder! The appliques are so cute on the lined clip!
You are so welcome! My cats like to take naps in my light box, so I usually have to dust bust it before I use it. LOL! Thank you so much! When I got that giant bag of appliques I felt like I was in heaven.

Originally Posted by Mama2Kailyn View Post
Thank you for posting this! The tut I was going to follow was much more complex! I am scrapping that plan and following this one now!
Yaaay! I'm so glad this will help you make a box that is da bomb. Hehehe! It's easy to make.

Originally Posted by kcandlysasmom View Post
Thank you!
You are so welcome!

Originally Posted by kcandlysasmom View Post
how much were the bulbs?
I got the bulbs at Home Depot and they were $7.97 for a package of four. What doesn't make any sense is that they have a package of two of the same bulb by the same company for a higher price than the package of four. So, be sure to get the right one.

Originally Posted by bowsbymomma View Post
Thanks for sharing, I will be having to make one once winter comes around so this is perfect!

I'll definitely have to get more lights, so far I only have 2.
You are so welcome! I meant to add that the clamp on lights also came from Home Depot. I have them all plugged into a power strip, so you can either use the on/off switch to turn them all off at once or just unplug it, which is what I do.
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