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Originally Posted by bowsbymomma View Post
I use Niagra spray starch as well, but I also bake my bows, they hold their shape really well when you bake. Spray your bows, shape, then put on a cookie sheet. Bake in oven @ 225 for 15 minutes. Be careful with printed ribbons though, some don't hold up well to baking if they are screen printed. You can bake them but not for the 15 minutes, I usually pull those out in 7-10 minutes, just keep an eye on them.
Hi there bowsbymomma! Thanks for the tips on baking. I had tried it once before, but it didnt turn out very well. Do you use glue on your bows at all? If so does it mess it up when you bake them? I sew mine, but I always put a dab of hot glue on the ends of the knots just to be sure so was curious if that would mess that part up! Going to give the baking a try soon!
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