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Default Re: Do you wash or not wash (your fabric)

I always wash.

I use All free and clear so there aren't dyes or perfumes, and No fabric softener.

Yes, I iron it all before I sew it. I try to only use water to iron it, but I do use sizing if I absolutely must.

There are so many allergies out there so I try not to use any products that could bother little ones skin,,,there are so many people I know who don't prewash things before their kids wear them,


Originally Posted by Diane Crafts View Post
For those of you that make clothing to sell at your shows do y'all prewash your fabric? I want to make a few pillowcase dresses for some of my shows to see how they will sell. A gazillion years ago when I used to offer a few cute little skirts and dresses in my booth I prewashed all my fabric, however at a craft show I attended last week I was looking in a booth that had darling kids clothing and I noticed her fabric had not been washed. Is this normal? I LOVE the look of fabric off the bolt with all the sizing in looks so crisp, but even in today's world of modern "stuff", some fabric can and does shrink or do funny things . I always iron and use spray sizing after I wash my fabric and it looks nice...but I am wondering if I'm am being OCD about this. I don't want my customers to be surprised after the first washing...KWIM???? So do you wash or not wash????
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