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Default Re: What glue gun would you recommend?

Originally Posted by aandja79 View Post
I bought the aleene's ultimate glue gun because I heard great things about it, including no drips (what??), but...I still haven't used it. I bought a $2.99 cheap one at Joanns to finish up using my mini glue sticks first (had a mini one, accidentally burned a giant hole in the side with my wood burner...whoops).
Lol I thought I was the only person that had done that. It happened to me while I had a customer at my house and we were in another room. I started smelling this horrible smell. Can't believe it didn't start a fire. And it still worked after that. LOL

I use a blue fine tip cordless from HL. I have to say its my favorite so far. I just can't figure out how to keep it to stay hot when its cordless lol. But it drips but its not as bad and any other ones I used. I was using the surebond fine tip but like everyone said it dripped so bad.

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