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Default Re: I feel so defeated......

It's meee!!!!! The girl that CAN'T do a bottle cap to save her life!!!! I've used Xyron...yes new and yes permanent, and I've used Mod Podge, I've wiped the caps down with alcohol and let them dry completely and they still lift. I still have no clue what I'm doing wrong. You've all heard my story about the collection of adhesives, glazes, resins and sealers I've tried and how many images and caps I've runied so I won't go over that again. For now I've bought a few caps so I can do a some bows and necklaces. I'll try to get back to trying the caps again when the humidity is not so high and I have more time but for now I have a nice collection of bottle caps, images and all the stuff to make them sitting in my craft room. I so wish someone lived close enough to me to show me what I'm doing wrong.
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