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Default Re: I feel so defeated......

Christi's caps are wonderful! I bought some from her a while back and there were great!

Originally Posted by designsbycristi View Post
No no, don't be done with the Xyron. It is your friend. Chances are that you just need a new cartridge. If your using one that is old, the sticky stuff will diminish over time. Try getting a new cartridge before giving up. Also, a lighter is the best thing to blow the bubles out with. I use a wind resistant lighter so the flame doesn't go all over the place. Most ladies do not put the ET over the edge of the cap/image. It is way to messy. If the Xyron cartridge is new, the image shouldn't lift on you. I mean yes if you really really try you can get it off but I've been doing caps for 2 years now and sell them in boutiques across the US and don't have problems with my images coming off and have never had a shop owner complain that a customer brought a cap back because the image came off!


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