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Default Re: I feel so defeated......

Originally Posted by taxiof2 View Post
I feel your pain! I did the same thing once...I thought I got all the bubbles out so I put them in the oven to speed the process only to discover MORE bubbles in the am. I then found out that you can't put them in the oven until they are almost hard.

I am assuming that you are putting the images on the regular style bottle caps and not flattened ones. I had a problem with the regular bottle caps because it is hard (for me anyways) to get the edges covered with ET. Maybe one of the other ladies on here (who is an expert) can help with that problem. I would think if it is not completely covered around the edges, it will lift.

I use the flattened (so much easier) because you can put the image down and FILL the cup up. I have used the sticker machine which is easier but then started using the mounting adhesive sheets that someone on her recommended. It seems to work well on the flattened bottle caps. It's harder on the regular because you have to really work on getting it just right on the cap.
I tried to get over the edges the best I could, but i'm pretty sure not good enough. I would love for someone to tell me a good way. And yes, I just use the regular caps, not the flattened ones.
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