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Default Re: Yesss I admiiiiit, I have a korking problem

Angelbabyz, I am right there with you. I have been korking ribbon for the past four days. It has been fun matching up different colors. So now I have to actually attempt to make the bows! I made one this morning and it did not turn out well. I think the problem was that they werent cut exactly the same length and the two colors I chose were different brands. One was Schiff and it was really stiff, the other I got from RH and it is polka dot. THe polka dot just doesnt seem to be working with the thicker ribbon. I will try this again tomorrow! (But your korker questions you are asking each day are helping me tremendously! THanks!

Keri from Lil' Bow Peep - I LOVE your korkers in your Etsy store. THey are perfectly shaped and fluffy. You are my inspiration for korkers! Maybe one day you could write a tutorial. I would definitely be one of your first customers.
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