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Originally Posted by MsGeorgia View Post
I know, I have watched all the videos several times. But that is just not how I learn. I need some step-by-step written instructions that answer questions such as: Where do I pull up the organze, in the front or the back of the bow? What type of knot is she using on the video because my bow comes apart because the grip is not tight enough. I'm just so confused and I believe this bowmaker "system" should have came with an instruction booklet!
Originally Posted by devilicious View Post
I have the gator bite and love it. I learned from watching the videos since there was no instructions in my package either. I started out using organza, but it just is too expensive. I switched to waxed (unflavored!) dental floss and will never use anything else. I love it. Here are some pics that I just took showing how I make my bows. The setting on my camera was set for night, but I didn't realize it until after! Sorry they are not that clear, but you can still get the idea.
LOVE the dental floss idea!
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