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Default Re: copy cat at it again!!

Originally Posted by TraseeAnn View Post
What she said ^^^^

By the way....... I love your bright colored head band with Korkers!!! I have been resisting doing headbands, but I think this has inspired me to try some
thank you! those have been very popular! I love the woven headbands. one of my addictions!!

Originally Posted by funskimunki View Post
Well....all i can say is...I want to have a bow party!!!! I'm so jealous! Can you come to Louisiana???? LOL. I need to find someone around here to do a bow party at my house! How fun!!!!

Oh BTW....her items are umm...crappy.
LOL!! I wish I could!! maybe when I make it big!!

Originally Posted by Kricket View Post
I wouldn't even put her crap on my dog. LOL Oh I didn't just write that did I?
Hahaha. now what did your mom tell you?? :if you cant say something nice dont say anything at all" LOL

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