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Default Re: tutu bowholder question..i've searched for days on here, going through 100s of pa

Originally Posted by Lilysmomma View Post
so do you guys go all the way around with your tulle??? i was thinking it was just the front of the bodice... i have some cut out and ready to make im just not sure how to do and now im getting more confused
I do, but that's because I'm paranoid it won't look right if for whatever reason they looked at the back...I'm weird I know. But I only do one layer on the back.

I just fold it in half lengthwise, so I cut it double what I want the length of the tutu to be. I make mine 24" for a 12" tutu. I then fold it accordion-style, and glue it to the bodice.

In my pictures I didn't put the back on before the tulle, I normally do put the back fabric on first, I think I was just a little distracted thanks to my kids, who will ignore me unless they want something or I want to work on something. In the end it won't even matter because I put ribbon around the waist, but I like to do it the same way each time.

It's honestly not as hard as it might seem, once you have done one you'll see how easy they are, and I love making them!
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