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Default Re: copy cat at it again!!


I don't usually comment alot, I prefer to keep to myself but when I saw that you had a copy cat I had to reply.

I've had this issue for awhile now, she's also a part of this forum so I wont be naming names. Anywhoo, she's copied just about everything I do, from wording on my site and used it on hers, to copying bow party ideas, outright copying of my items, exact same offers - usually within hours of us announcing them, I have my statcounter showing me in 2 weeks, her trawling my website (specifically my clip of the month club) FOURTEEN times!

I also once annouced that I had a new wholesaler, and about a week and a half later, my wholesaler received some BAD quality clips in the mail and asked if they were from me. I was mortified at the quality - it's the kind of thing I usually throw in the trash - and tried to explain that no, they weren't from me, but I had a feeling I knew who they were from because I'd seen them before. Surely enough, my cat had posted pics of the exact same clips 2 weeks prior on her facebook fan page. I was really annoyed that she tried to poach my wholesaler LOL

It has gotten to the point where I ended up typing her an email and threatening her with legal action. I couldn't take it any more - I was letting it get to me and it was effecting my work, my relationship etc. I take my little business very seriously. I had a friend suggest going to the police, so I called them for giggles to see what they would say and they wanted to charge her with stalking! I figured I didn't want to take it to that level, and just ignored her crap.

She's since shut down her facebook page (where she ripped off people over $2000) and has started another page for 'stockists' but no one wants to stock her cos her items are just crap - and your cat's stuff is crap too! Her korkers are laughable, her bows are horrid.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, try to ignore her. There's really nothing you can do about it anyways (Sadly ) Maybe email her and ask her nicely to back off, throw a few chosen words around - like intellectual copywrite etc - and it might just be just what it takes to make her back off.

Ahh sorry for the novel - just wanted you to know I feel your pain, it sucks!

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