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Default Know what the E in E6000 Stands for


Ok so imagine if you will, it is late at night in the basement studio of Three Blessings Bowtique, our lone bowmaker is quietly singing flowers and making bottle cap necklaces. She discovers that her Amazing E6000 clear adhesive tube is stopped up, as is the norm. As she is trying to unclog the illgotten design of the tube, she feels a sudden release of pressure in the tube and looks down to find a lap full of the sinister, foul smelling goo. She had long suspected the adhesive had diabolical tendencies but this lap full of thick skin eating gunk confirmed her suspisions. Something smelled, well not fishy, but adhesivy and she knew, just knew (as one does) that the E6000 was indeed out to get her.........the visuals for your contemplation......

Her upper legs were chemically burned and as she washed off the still wet glue in the shower, her urge to scream in pain was only squelled by the knowledge that her sweet little angels were sleeping nearby.

Upon waking, still sore and red, she contacted the creator of this devilish concoction to relay to them the afore mentioned incident and emplore hem to work on divising a plan for amending the dispersment method.

As a warning to her fellow craft jockeys, she would like to say.......

"Check the tube before counting your chickens as it may be hatching in the wrong direction."
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