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Default Re: Cotton Webbing?

I hear ya on the not wanting to give up. I'm the same way. I say go for the sewing for now...depending on when you need the paci clips and continue to search for the heat method. I'm having that problem with bottle caps. I can't make a bottle cap to save my life. I have a BIG collection of resins, glazes, adhesives, sealers and on and on. Can't tell you how many bottle caps I have ruined and how many pages of images I have printed and had printed. I have been playing around with these things for close to a year. Right now I just don't have time to play I have shows to get ready for but I'll get back to them again. I will NOT let these things defeat me. Probably by the time I finally figure it out they will not be popular any longer but I'm not giving up on them. I will learn how to make bottle caps and make them well.
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