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Default Re: Cotton Webbing?

Right, I don't use cotton webbing for making the paci clips, I use grosgrain also. I was told that webbing would work for bonding the ribbon together where I need to bond it together.

I will use snaps on one end, where the pacifier will go, the other end is where I need to bond it together, where I attach the suspender clip.

I just need some other ideas then glue, sewing etc them together.
Originally Posted by Diane Crafts View Post
Yup, Mika is right grosgrain ribbon (satin ribbon doesn't seem to hold up as well) for paci clips and snaps or velcro. I use webbing for my key fobs...I sew ribbon on it to make them look pretty. A pretty good seller for don't have to use the webbing for the key fobs either. There are lots of ways of doing these things, but I must admit I have never seen a paci clip made with webbing...then again I haven't seen everything.
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