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Default Re: tutu bowholder question..i've searched for days on here, going through 100s of pa

Ok, sorry it's taken so long to get back to this, but here are the pics I said I would post!

I'm hoping it won't reorganize my pics because it did that last time I posted. I took a picture of what it looked like before I added the tulle to the sides, you can see how flat it is, how it just goes straight down. I also took a pic of where I put the glue, and showed it being wrapped around the side, and a pic or two of the end, where it's much more rounded like a real tutu would be.

Excuse my mess on my table! I have nowhere to put most of my stuff so it's mainly on the table and things get a little disorganized.

The bowholder is also before I went through the tulle and fluffed it by separating each layer (I fold each strip in half top to bottom if that makes sense).

Hope these help at least someone, I know I am a very visual person so having pics to show me exactly what someone means helps a lot!

Edit to add: I know the tutu looks really low down, but I had a lot of problems getting the ribbon waist right when it was higher so I am trying that to see how I like it!
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