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Default Re: If u use Envirotex Lite resin for your bottlecaps...

Originally Posted by Olivias Mimi View Post
Ok, thanks. I'll try another batch tonight in my craft room instead of the kitchen, with the a/c turned waaay down. We don't keep our a/c very low here in the Summer, you just can't cool this kind of HOT.
I live in Cali but recently visited a friend in Louisiana. First of all let me say I froze to death lol. The outside is hot but it seemed to me like everyone's air was at about 60 degrees lol. I do my friends caps for her from here in Cali. She doesn't have any problems with them once she receives them so I can't help you there. What I can tell you thought that whatever you are going to put that bottle cap on DO NOT USE HOT GLUE. OMG she does a ton of business with boutiques in Lousiana and recently changed from E6000 to hot glue (surebonder very high heat sticks and top quality glue gun). Well she sent out a batch to a boutique and needless to say by the customer got them the caps had fallen off. The humidity is way to high for the glue to stay attached. Just thought that might save some heartache once you get those caps done perfectly. As far as the E.T. DO NOT change to any other product or you will encounter far worse problems. I always try to use new bottles. The few rare times that I haven't done caps for 3 or 4 weeks, I will typically throw the bottle out and start with a new bottle. That's just me though. I'm kinda anal that way. Also, try to store your bottle in it's original box. I find that when I throw the box away and just store the bottle by themselves the resin turns kinda yellow. I haven't noticed it affecting my cap quality but still I'm just really really anal that way.
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