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Unhappy If u use Envirotex Lite resin for your bottlecaps...

I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with "sticky" bottlecaps. The first several batches I made (last Summer, I think) were fine. But i've tried making a few batches lately and they have come out sticky or tacky feeling. I've measured more carefully, but still yucky.

Does this resin "go bad" after a while? I invested in the large bottles last time I bought it and still have about half a bottle of each left. Should I give up and get some new. Or should I try a different brand? Any ideas?

Do I need to use more resin or more hardener? Would one or the other make the mixture less sticky?

I work full time in a daycare and these things SELL in the Summer! I don't want to fool around and miss sales because I don't know what to do
Any suggestions, tips, etc. would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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