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Default Re: Wanted to share..

Originally Posted by MBKB118 View Post
Totally adorable! Great pics.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by strawberrybaby View Post
very nice and the model is gorgeous. Great work!!! Every time I browse your shop i am like drooling over are very talented!!!
Aww thanks.
Originally Posted by jos77 View Post
Those are great! Man I need some big girls, oh and it would help if I could take nice pictures.

Where are you located, it looks very "tropical"??
South Florida!

Originally Posted by This Mom Erin View Post
These are wonderful! I think one day we should meet up when the weather cools off and swap kids for photos. You do mine and I'll do yours.
LOL, if you want to take pictures of my son I would be thrilled. Oh I can't wait until it cools off. Oh BTW I tracked the next package that I sent this time just first class and its in Hialeah. lol I could have walked it there quicker.

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