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Default Re: Polyester is strange

1. Can you tell me though, what is UB? United Beads, check the supplier thread. They actually have a website you can order through now, united crafts I believe. $50 minimum.

2. So do you find that UB is worth it for korking? I don't know their current pricing as it's been a while since I've ordered but when 1 korker takes 3-4 and UB is $1.50/50 yards vs. 11/100 yards yes I think it's worth it. It also does great for woven headbands.

3. How about Yama ( the ones that are shiny)? I really want to use ribbon that is shiny. Grosgrain, some seem to be shiny, but not like some satins. There are sites that sell yama and ebay, check the supplier thread. Also hipgirl's site sells similar. I don't know if Michelle's is yama or not. Wright's brand (you find this at Walmart in the ribbon by the yard) is shiny. You will need to starch it or you'll find a very loose korker.

4. Where do you get Schiff? Ribbonandbowsohmy RABOM carries Schiff, great for small quantities. theribbonretreat carries schiff as well. Offray is similar to the quality but limited on the colors.

Thanks for the sandpaper advice, I never thought of that! You're Welcome!
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