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Default Re: Polyester is strange

Excellent advice, I soo appreciate it!

1. Can you tell me though, what is UB?

2. So do you find that UB is worth it for korking?
3. How about Yama ( the ones that are shiny)? I really want to use ribbon that is shiny. Grosgrain, some seem to be shiny, but not like some satins.

4. Where do you get Schiff? Never mind lol, I will google it.

Thanks for the sandpaper advice, I never thought of that!

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
UB korks but it's soft I think it has something to do with thread count - kind of like your bedding. I use spray starch and bakes for 25 mins

Yama is shiny too - limp kork unless you really starch it like UB.

Schiff - doesn't even need starch though I do starch the final korker.

Dowels - SANDPAPER - go get some sheets and you will be amazed. I need to do the new dowels but I'm lazy.

The skinny ribbon - you just have to be careful taking it off and when you cut it you'll work out the kinks and get the curl back in shape.

I also leave my ribbon on the dowel to fully cool before taking it off. Try different cooking times I've left ribbon in longer than 30 mins before, just don't increase the heat too much.
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