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Default Re: what can I do with these?

Originally Posted by brezzamagoo View Post
OK well to start with I am HOPELESS at making bows but I guess I just need some more practise.

So I made these ones last night and I didn't think they turned out TOO bad. They are made from 3/8 ribbon and I do think the tails are a bit short but that was my fault for cutting one too much so I had to even them up.

So....what can I use these for? if I can...I don't mind having to chop the tails off a little bit if they would look better that way. I have been trying to make a boutique bow with some 3/8 ribbon but it just looks weird when placed inside the two other bows...

Any comments will be used wisely!

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you know, they look like cute little butterflies! I wonder if you could put a little snippet of korker ribbon in the centers for the body?

And as funny as it is, I can make darn near every kind of bow out there (except for cheer bows, which I have not yet tried) but I won't put big, giant bows on my daughter. It isn't my taste. I like understated. Simple tuxedo style clippy bows are my favorites. Those are just simple 1.5" to 2" loops of 5/8 or 7/8 grosgrain cinched up the middle to give it a crease, glued on a clip and wrapped with a center. So cute. And those can be used over teeny toddler piggies, or to pin back sideswept bangs.

Oh, and you should see some of my training bows! *shudders*
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