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Default Re: It is official, I HATE MY POST OFFICE

Originally Posted by ThreeBlessingsBowtique View Post
ok so I have had about 6 packages returned to me in the past 3 weeks saying I hadnt paid enough postage when I take it in, they weigh it and said they have actually weighed LESS than what I put on the package.....

SO, not only did I have to give up the first round of shipping BUT they also made me pay to ship again as they cancelled the first shipping INCORRECTLY.

We got our third letter in 6 weeks that said we are getting yet ANOTHER new carrier and that our mail will not be delivered at a consistent time everyday b.c of the routes nature ~ whatever the heck that is supposed to mean.

I have had 3 letter that my mom has sent to me WITH THE CORRECT ADDRESS sent back to her saying my address does not exisit and I know of at least three packages that either wholesalers or other friends have sent me that have been returned (one THREE TIMES) and I have no idea how many packages that I have sent to you all from paypal that have went in to the abyss of my stupid post office.

They seem to hate the fact that I ship through pp as almost every international package I have sent in the past two months has returned to me at LEAST one time if not more so I HAVE to take all international packages to the PO and wait for about a half hour each time with 2 kids who do not enjoy that half hour and everyone in the post office is giving then dirty looks and sighing in my general direction!!!

I went in today to complain to the Post Master and talked instead to a "senior letter carrier" as the stupid post master is never available. I am writing a letter to the post master general in washington as I am fed up!!!

Ok, sorry to vent but I am losing so much money and having to replace things that I have already sent b.c my packages keep getting lost......I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO as pp will always side on the side of the buyer if I cant prove it was delivered or LOST........

I cannot win win win on anything lately, life pretty much sux!!!
We should all just boycott. You can head up the Washington division & I'll work the Florida division, we'll get it going coast-to-coast.

But really, I'm sorry - that sucks & I hate having to pay more than once because of an error they made. SO frustrating.
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