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Default Re: Can you cleanly remove glue?

Originally Posted by mytwogirls View Post
I guess it kind of depends. I have had luck running my lighter over hot glue and being able to get it off. You just have to be really careful. Interested to see how other people remove glue.
I actually tried the lighter on the one of them, but because of the material it really didn't look much better, they were just shiny marks.
Originally Posted by soneal1027 View Post
Sorry I'm no help, but I'm interested to know the answer to that question. Have you tried the iron & the paper towel trick? I know it works for candle wax on carpet.
I have not tried that, but I definitely will! Thanks for the idea, I have plenty of headbands, so I'm not too worried about damaging a few for the good of the bunch.
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