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Originally Posted by Creations by Tiffany View Post
I have seen these done before, but with shoes boxes. Michelle, yours looks so much more professional. Great job!

I have a question about the spools too. Do you have your ribbon on spools in the box, or off the spools? Who all prefers off the spool rather than on the spool and why?
I just ordered a bunch of ribbon and wondering where I am going to store it all. Thanks
I post the 'inside' picture in another thread (I think it's how to make ribbon storage box). In this box, I store ribbon off the spools. Those are ribbons I ordered before and they come without spools. Now I think RABOM start using spool and most of ribbons I sell are on spools. I think people preper off the spool because they are smaller so 1 box can hold more (like mine). But I don't think you want to take the ribbon off the spool and roll them again
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