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Default Re: how many rolls of tulle do YOU use...

Well, that's part of why I only sell custom orders many people sell them with less tulle and for cheap.

mine are huge and poofy and infants are $35 and regulars are $45 and up depending on the size.
they take me about an hour and a half to make.
I consider myself an artisian and do not work for free so in order to avoid so much frustration I don't stock them premade.

On occasion I make some a little less poofy and those are $25..usually only because a customer doesn't want to pay $35 or more..

Sigh..many people don't realize we aren't dollar general...

Originally Posted by Olivias Mimi View Post
Holey Moley! I had NO idea it took so MUCH! I think I will continue making them occasionally for gd, but can't see how I could sell 'em for enough to make a profit.

What's the going rate for these things anyway? For a full, pretty, plain tutu how much do you charge?
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