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Default Re: tutu bowholder question..i've searched for days on here, going through 100s of pa

Here it is, I take my tulle, 54 inches long and cut 8-1 yard pieces, I thread it as if I were going to gather it into a ruffle, about 3/4" from the edge. I pull it tight, wrap my thread around it about 10 times, and lay it aside. I do this for eight of them. Then I get my high temp glue gun and glue each one right on top of the bodice, about 1-1/2" from the bottom edge, glue my streamers on top of the tulle and finish the dress off. I glue felt on the back and I always use dark brown to hide the back. My husband is a plumber and brings me home the heavy duty cardbroad, this is what I use for my form, but the foam board will work just as fine for those who are buying, (never thought of that). I would never use a light weight cardboard, it just won't hold up going to craft shows.
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