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Default Re: Diaper Cake - How did they do it?

To cover the diapers with the blankets, you basically are going to "wrap" the diaper "layer" in the blanket. Lay out your blanket right side down, place your layer into the center and bring up the blanket up the sides of the layer. You need to make sure the blanket covering your layer is big enough to go up all the way around and meet at the top. Takes some practice to get is smoothed out. I pin at the top with straight pins. If the blanket doesn't make it to the exact center of the layer, it doesn't really matter as the top layer will cover your center. do the same with the top layer. I use double sided tape to "connect" the top and bottom layers. It will hold together, but you still have to be careful.

When I don't cover the layers with blankets, I stabilize by using wooden skewers between the top and bottom layer, more stable that way.

Hope this helps.
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